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The Gorgeous Corniche

Corniche is one of the great places you must definitely visit while staying in Abu Dhabi. It takes only about 5-minute drive to the Corniche from Al Diar Dana Hotel whilst, it takes only 5-minute walk from Al Diar Capital Hotel and Al Diar Mina Hotel to the Corniche beach and leisure areas.

Driving down the Corniche will take you to scenery of high rise modern buildings of top companies, high end residential buildings, leisure parks, attractive mini-gardens, restaurants, hotels, cafés and of course, the gorgeous Corniche beach leisure areas and parks. The gutters along the road are decorated with mini-garden of flowers most particularly on winter season. On special days and occasions, Corniche has always been the selected place to host major events like Red Bull Air Race, watersport competitions and live entertainment shows of top celebrities from Middle East, Gulf, Asian and other International countries. A spectacular display of fireworks has also been a yearly tradition on the Corniche beach on New Year’s Eve.

As it is a leisure area, you need to watch your driving speed to a limit of about 60kph just to make sure you don’t get an over speeding fine when you are caught by the numbers of camera radars along the road. Safety is a must at the capital which is good for both residents and those who are on visit purpose.

Walking, jogging or biking along the Corniche is a soothing experience that you must try. A touch of the gentle air breeze across your face on a perfect weather is a soothing therapy to your senses. At times, you may find flock of playful birds flying freely in the sky and might cross your way. And if the weather heats up on summer days, it is best not to catch the sun or better yet, do your jogging or walking early in the morning or evening time. If you are not used on Gulf weather season, it is of course advisable to get the weather forecast before planning any leisure activity by the Corniche. There are pedestrian tunnels that connect between the city and the beach area of Corniche. These tunnels have murals displaying UAE cultures and traditions.

Opposite Corniche beach area are numbers of parks perfect for joggers, bikers, group and family picnic, team building event, yoga and any other leisure activities. Each park features lush gardens, seating areas, some with man-made waterfalls and water fountains.

Heritage Park

You will find the Heritage Park at the end of Firdous Street corner Corniche Street which is just almost a street away from Al Diar Capital Hotel and Al Diar Mina Hotel therefore, takes only a few minutes walking from the mentioned hotels. The park offers playground facilities that will keep the kids to enjoy their time while parents are busy preparing the barbeque items. Yes, there are designated stations to cook barbeque and picnic cottages that will enhance your picnic bonding time. In case you did not take any food with you, there is a small café where you can grab a sandwich and beverages to fill your craving.

The park is not only perfect for weekend picnic yet also an ideal team building venue. To confirm, Al Diar Hotels management and staff held a fun team building event at Heritage Park on February 20, 2018.





In front of Heritage Park is the first part of Corniche Street beach area and can also be categorized as leisure park. This spot offers a relaxing view of turquoise water of the Arabian Gulf. It is close to Mina Port Zayed Area and therefore, you will have the pleasure to find traditional dhows or yacht cruising along the coast and as well, large ships docked on the shore.



Formal Park

Moving North heading to Fatima bint Mubarak Street and Corniche Street, is the Formal Park. This area promises recreation facilities such as kids play area, barbeque stations, water fountain, jogging tracks, sitting area, basic health exercise facilities and bike tracks.




Labyrinth Corniche can also be found at Formal Park. Have fun at the mini-maze garden and take some snaps to complete the fun.





Lake Park

Located at the corner of Sultan Bin Zayed the First and Corniche Street, its name described the place by itself. Providing a tranquil lake view in the center of the park, this recreation area features mini-café, water fountain, cottages with picnic table, sitting areas, jogging tracks and greenery areas.

Urban Park

Situated at the corner between Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Street and Corniche Street, Urban Park is one of the most visited parks at Corniche featuring seating areas, man-made waterfalls and greenery grounds to complement the leisure environment.



Family Park

From West Khalidyah to Mubarak bin Mohammed Street corner Corniche Street, is the location pin of Family Park, a recreation area providing playground facilities especially designed for kids who like kick their energy while having fun. Parents will enjoy as much as their children as this spot has seating areas, cottages with picnic table, Bermuda grass and lush gardens, perfect to sit and chat while the kids are enjoying their playtime at the park.


Corniche public beach and recreation area

The main entrance of the public beach area is between Corniche Street and Al Khaleej Al Arabia Street. Entry to public beach is free whilst entry to family and single section has a minimal charge of AED10 per person. Visitors can relax and enjoy the white sandy beach. This spot features cafes, restaurants, kids playground area, bike rentals, jogging tracks, bike tracks, seating areas and other beach area leisure facilities.


Bike rental

If you are in the mood to feel the breeze while riding on a bike, your mood is answered at the bike rental kiosk at Corniche. Options on kids bikes, single, shared and cyacle bikes are available which is of course, the choice is yours which one suits your mood. For a very minimal fee, enjoy the pleasure of biking at Corniche. Don’t forget to use the bike tracks to ensure you are on the right path.


Heading to North will take you to West Plaza Corniche where major sports, entertainment events and major concerts are held every year.

Corniche Marina

Continue to move further, the road will finally take you to Corniche Marina. This area features jogging tracks, bike tracks, seating areas water fountains, yatch docking areas, modern shopping mall, luxury hotels and Abu Dhabi International Marine Sports Club.

The famous Red Bull Air Race, powerboat race, sail boat race, jet skiing and other sports racing events are held on seasonal basis at Corniche Marina. Some of these events are associated with entertainment shows as well.

Note: Approximately 30,000 to 50,000 visitors spend their quality leisure time at Corniche every month therefore, it should be in one of the top amongst your lists to visit in Abu Dhabi. It is well taken care of and no wonder, Abu Dhabi’s beach front is a proud recipient of coveted Blue Flag award – world’s renowned eco-label for beaches and marinas that guarantees safe bathing areas.

There are more features building at the Corniche at this time and Al Diar Hotels will cover additional features once the projects are completed.

In the pictures: Al Diar Hotels management and staff, CJ, Wilyn, Dushanti

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